Gerlach’s Bowling Center

Ryan Claxton

Fusion Bowling — Jacksonville, Florida

“Our customers are primarily homeowners or resort developers who want a one-of-a-kind bowling amenity. One of the ways we can make the lighting unique is by using the ZOT ColorSplash LED Pindeck Light Fixture to change the color of the light on the pins. We turn to ZOT for many of the components in our projects because they have good customer service and their products are reliable.”

Ryan Claxton, President, Fusion Bowling, Jacksonville, Florida

Gerlach’s Bowling Center

Vicki, Daniel & Natalie Gerlach

Gerlach's Bowling Center — Lapeer, Michigan

“If you want to stay in business, be profitable, and be ahead of the competition, it’s important to take advantage of the marketing opportunities that are possible by fully utilizing the latest technology available. In this regard we strive to be the very best in the business, understanding that the competition is not limited to other bowling centers, but also any other form of entertainment available in the marketplace.

Our center has a six and 12-lane section. We installed ZOT’s ColorSplash LED Pindeck Lights in the six-lane section in February 2014, and the product was an immediate big hit with our recreation customers. But customers in the 12-lane section soon complained that they did not get to enjoy the same light show as those in the 6-lane section. So, we invested in finishing the job and today we are taking more reservations that occupy all 18-lanes. It just makes good business sense to listen to what our customers are telling us.”

Daniel Gerlach, Gerlach’s Bowling Center, Lapeer, Michigan

Scott Anderson

Brittney & Scott Anderson

KingPins — St Peter, Minnesota

"ColorSplash has been a tremendous addition to our center! ColorSplash is a great update that is noticeable from the second you walk in the door, and with the number of colors and modes the show possibilities are virtually endless. If you're looking for ways to completely transform your lanes this is it! Not only has it revitalized our cosmic look, but it has also cut down on energy costs and eliminated a lot of fragile inventory. ZOT's customer service has been second to none and the installation was a breeze.

Scott Anderson – Proprietor, KingPins, St Peter, Minnesota

Gage Bowl, Huntington Park, California

“We added the ColorSplash Led Pindeck Light fixture to our existing light and sound package for two reasons: First; the LED light factor - saving money on electricity. Being able to use ColorSplash as our regular pindeck light made the financial investment very worthwhile. Next, our goal was to introduce a new type of light entertainment. ColorSplash is currently integrated into our existing lighting system but, eventually, we plan to phase out the old system and use ColorSplash as our primary light show by adding ColorSplash lane components.

In the interim, we have added a ColorSplash night to our list of party bowling offerings. This is a standalone promotion that utilizes the ColorSplash LED Pindeck lights without turning on the other specialty lights. Think of the old moonlight bowling promotion but with the added entertainment value the range of effects that come with ColorSplash bring to the equation. The ColorSplash night has been very well received by our customers.

Jason Altman – proprietor, Gage Bowl, Huntington Park, California

Heritage Lanes OKC, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“ We are at two years of installing ZOT’s ColorSplash LED Pindeck Lighting System. It has added a wonderful enhancement to our center’s interior with the standard white light. The bonus of multiple colors and timing makes a giant impact to our four Glo-Bowling events that we offer each week. We like the ease to adjust the lights at a moment’s notice to cater to a special group.

The ease of programming and adjustable timing and brightness are so easy to operate. The system comes with a great backing of customer service. The economics alone makes the purchasing the system a must do. I highly recommend the investment of their ColorSplash system for your center.”

Michael Widmar – Heritage Lanes OKC – A Bartholomy Bowling Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma